Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lions, Tigers and Felons! Oh My!!!

Almost 2 years ago we made the choice to move from WA back to TX to be with family. A lot of things played a huge factor in this decision. I was laid off, the kids always wanted to see grandma and grandpa and they needed to get to know their family. The only thing keeping us in WA state was my step-son. He is a very special, important little boy but we weren't sure what our outlook in WA was anymore. We returned home.

Now a year and a half later my husband's ex wife wants to leave WA, the state she calls home. She has very little family and they are there. She has a father that lives in Virgina but from my understanding on what my husband has told me, she didn't know her father for most of her life. Anyways.... she has informed my husband that her and her new husband want to move to Connecticut so he can be with his family there. We have many many reasons why this move should not be allowed. I will list them below.

1. Step-son has no ties to that state.
2. Because he is a minor, when he flies from WA to TX to see us he has to be on a flight that does not change planes. There are NONE from CT to TX. So someone will have to fly half way with him, or my husband will have to fly to another airport and wait for him and then the two fly back. Thus costing us at least triple what we are paying now.
3. We recently discovered that her mother was the first, very FIRST, mental health counselor in the US to be fined and have her licenses permanently suspended for brain washing a young woman that her male family members were raping her, and that her family was taking her out into the woods to have her sacrifice small babies in satanic rituals. I have found soooo many articles written about her mother and the girl she did this to. There have been case studies done, it's in law libraries. It's just craziness!
4. Her new husband is a felon and all his convictions come from CT except for a domestic violence one that is still on going from WA state. Who knows there might be one or more also in CT.
    a. He's been convicted of armed robbery and assault. I found the newspaper articles from his arrest. He threw a chemical on a state employee and with the help of two others held that employee up to steal paychecks and those inspection stickers that go on cars. WTF? Seriously!
He has other convictions:
    1. He has violated restraining orders, repeatedly.
    2. He has 3 convictions of risk of injury to a child.
There's others but I can't think of them off the top of my head. Not to mention she was having problems with him for awhile, we even offered to let her stay with us until she could figure out how to get out. He got one of her friends pregnant. We've got a real winner here folks!

Now she is crazy for even marrying him. My step-son has accused him of throwing him across a room, making him stand nude in his bedroom after he had an accident in his pants. He is very verbally, emotionally and physically abusive to my step-son and it irritates me that CPS and the Seattle Police Department just turn their cheeks. We have tried to fight for custody only to be told that all of it is just bad parenting. WTH WA state!? This is why so many kids end up dead in that state. No one looks after any of them.

So now, the PEW refuses to give my husband any information as to where they will be moving, who they are moving in with, when they will be moving etc. These are things by LAW she is suppose to provide us with at least 60-90 days before the move unless their lives are in danger (which they are but she won't leave her husband). She still hasn't told us anything. Every day we have to wonder when they are moving, if my husband calls step-son's school only to find out he is no longer there. It's very annoying. I think I have come up with some very substantial reasons as to why they should not move, especially with the douche-bag felon.

Agh! It's all so frustrating. When she met him and moved in with him she refused to tell us anything about him. Thank goodness marriage certificates are public record. As soon as they got married I looked that jerkface up and low and behold the things I found about him. No wonder she was trying to keep him a secret. I thought mothers were suppose to care about their children enough to not put them in dangerous situations. Then again this is a mother that told my husband the only reason why she had their son was because he wanted children, she said she's never wanted children. She's one of those mothers that use them for her gain, for attention. It's scary to think her and her husband had twins last spring. I feel bad for those two children. They won't have loving people around them to notice what's going on. Even step-son's school has some concerns about things that go on at home. Mom does not play at active part in his schooling. They call her for conferences and she never shows. The teacher was so happy that he at least has one parent that cares about him. She's been trying to figure out why step-son has to have one on one attention to get his school work done. My husband informed her that step-son is not allowed to play, he has to stay in  his room and stay quiet because he's always grounded. Why in the world could a 9 year old due to constantly be grounded. Just doesn't make any sense.

Well till another time. Stay safe. And most importantly love your children. They are our greatest treasures.

~~ Emma

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