Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lions, Tigers and Felons! Oh My!!!

Almost 2 years ago we made the choice to move from WA back to TX to be with family. A lot of things played a huge factor in this decision. I was laid off, the kids always wanted to see grandma and grandpa and they needed to get to know their family. The only thing keeping us in WA state was my step-son. He is a very special, important little boy but we weren't sure what our outlook in WA was anymore. We returned home.

Now a year and a half later my husband's ex wife wants to leave WA, the state she calls home. She has very little family and they are there. She has a father that lives in Virgina but from my understanding on what my husband has told me, she didn't know her father for most of her life. Anyways.... she has informed my husband that her and her new husband want to move to Connecticut so he can be with his family there. We have many many reasons why this move should not be allowed. I will list them below.

1. Step-son has no ties to that state.
2. Because he is a minor, when he flies from WA to TX to see us he has to be on a flight that does not change planes. There are NONE from CT to TX. So someone will have to fly half way with him, or my husband will have to fly to another airport and wait for him and then the two fly back. Thus costing us at least triple what we are paying now.
3. We recently discovered that her mother was the first, very FIRST, mental health counselor in the US to be fined and have her licenses permanently suspended for brain washing a young woman that her male family members were raping her, and that her family was taking her out into the woods to have her sacrifice small babies in satanic rituals. I have found soooo many articles written about her mother and the girl she did this to. There have been case studies done, it's in law libraries. It's just craziness!
4. Her new husband is a felon and all his convictions come from CT except for a domestic violence one that is still on going from WA state. Who knows there might be one or more also in CT.
    a. He's been convicted of armed robbery and assault. I found the newspaper articles from his arrest. He threw a chemical on a state employee and with the help of two others held that employee up to steal paychecks and those inspection stickers that go on cars. WTF? Seriously!
He has other convictions:
    1. He has violated restraining orders, repeatedly.
    2. He has 3 convictions of risk of injury to a child.
There's others but I can't think of them off the top of my head. Not to mention she was having problems with him for awhile, we even offered to let her stay with us until she could figure out how to get out. He got one of her friends pregnant. We've got a real winner here folks!

Now she is crazy for even marrying him. My step-son has accused him of throwing him across a room, making him stand nude in his bedroom after he had an accident in his pants. He is very verbally, emotionally and physically abusive to my step-son and it irritates me that CPS and the Seattle Police Department just turn their cheeks. We have tried to fight for custody only to be told that all of it is just bad parenting. WTH WA state!? This is why so many kids end up dead in that state. No one looks after any of them.

So now, the PEW refuses to give my husband any information as to where they will be moving, who they are moving in with, when they will be moving etc. These are things by LAW she is suppose to provide us with at least 60-90 days before the move unless their lives are in danger (which they are but she won't leave her husband). She still hasn't told us anything. Every day we have to wonder when they are moving, if my husband calls step-son's school only to find out he is no longer there. It's very annoying. I think I have come up with some very substantial reasons as to why they should not move, especially with the douche-bag felon.

Agh! It's all so frustrating. When she met him and moved in with him she refused to tell us anything about him. Thank goodness marriage certificates are public record. As soon as they got married I looked that jerkface up and low and behold the things I found about him. No wonder she was trying to keep him a secret. I thought mothers were suppose to care about their children enough to not put them in dangerous situations. Then again this is a mother that told my husband the only reason why she had their son was because he wanted children, she said she's never wanted children. She's one of those mothers that use them for her gain, for attention. It's scary to think her and her husband had twins last spring. I feel bad for those two children. They won't have loving people around them to notice what's going on. Even step-son's school has some concerns about things that go on at home. Mom does not play at active part in his schooling. They call her for conferences and she never shows. The teacher was so happy that he at least has one parent that cares about him. She's been trying to figure out why step-son has to have one on one attention to get his school work done. My husband informed her that step-son is not allowed to play, he has to stay in  his room and stay quiet because he's always grounded. Why in the world could a 9 year old due to constantly be grounded. Just doesn't make any sense.

Well till another time. Stay safe. And most importantly love your children. They are our greatest treasures.

~~ Emma

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Water bottles & Panties

Around the beginning of the school year while picking my step daughter up from school, she waved good bye to her coach on the way out and he said, "Bye (step daughters name), don't forget to bring your water bottle Monday!" And he looked to me as if to make sure I heard.
"Water bottle? Are you supposed to have a water bottle for school?" I ask her.
"Yes, my coach tells me to bring one. The teachers don't let you go get drinks of water all the time and I'm really thirsty." She says.
"Does your mom have one for you?" I ask.
"No." She says
So when we drop her off at school the following Monday, I make sure to give her a water bottle full of water. Well, actually its one of our tiny size travel mugs with hearts on it, that my mother sent for her and her brother. Its the one she REALLY wanted to use.
Two Fridays later we get to pick her up from school again. And she has no water bottle. So Monday I give her the other travel mug full of water.
Two Fridays later we pick her up from school again. No water bottle.
"Where are all of your water bottles?" We ask her.
"Well, my momma keeps losing them." She says.
So Monday I send her with the purple water bottle that came with her camping set.
The next time we pick her up, she has the purple water bottle, and also one of the travel mugs. YAY!
And for the next few times we pick her up, she has it.
Then, she doesn't have it so I have to send her with the travel mug.
Then she has the water bottle again.
Then she doesn't have it, so I buy a bottle of water at the store and send her with that, thinking that she will it the next time. But, she doesn't. She has no water bottle Thursday, or the Thursday after that, or when we pick her up Friday.
So I had to buy a new one, and it was surprisingly difficult to find one small enough to fit in the side pocket of her backpack, which is where she likes to keep it.
I asked her where all the water bottles are, and she says that her mom takes them out of her bag to wash them and never puts them back in, and that some are lost.
So we are on water bottle number four, lets see how many more I have to buy before the school year is over!

Also, lets talk about panties.

Every Thursday, we get to pick step daughter up from school, and return her to her house at 8:00PM. I ALWAYS give her a bath. Sometimes her hair smells like a puppy. She has VERY sensitive skin, that needs to be washes with Dove for sensitive skin, and lotioned lotioned lotioned EVERY night. Other wise she gets big red irritated itchy spots, and her skin gets super dry and scratchy and feels like sandpaper, which is often the case when we pick her up.Also, I'm sure it makes bedtime at home much faster and easier if shes already clean.
After her bath, I dont really want to put her back into the same clothes that she wore to school, its just feels icky to me to give her a bath and put her in panties she already wore. Maybe I'm just weird, but thats how I do it. So I give her clean panties, clean socks, and put her in something cozy than can be worn as pajamas. I also put her dirty school clothes (panties and socks too), inside her backpack for her to take home. A few times the clothes have come back to us in her school back pack, but never the socks or panties. She had about 12 pair of panties, and now, there are three. So in about 3 weeks I am going to have to go buy more panties. And probably more water bottles.

Again, its not a big deal, its just panties & water bottles. But it is super annoying. Especially because P.E.W made a big stink about 2 years ago when we didn't return one of step daughters dresses, and she threw a fit and said "It is in the divorce decree that YOU HAVE to return her with everything I drop her off with!" And thats true, it IS in there, but she also is supposed to do the same. Ever since then i have made SURE to return every single little thing she has come over with. And P.E.W does NOT.

She currently has (things we have sent over there and not gotten back):

11 elastic hair bands
1 plastic head band
1 long denim skirt
3 pair of sweat pants
1 long sleeved Bratz shirt
2 T-shirts
1 red sweat shirt
9 pair of panties
9 pair of socks
and the water bottles

Is it sad that I keep track of this?

Also, there is some disagreeing about the length of time my husband gets my step daughter for summer. P.E.W said she was calling and finding out for sure on Monday, and that she would let me know right away how long we get her, and the times we get her for our weekends during summer (which she says will be at 6:00PM Friday - 6:00PM Sunday, and we say its 4:00PM Friday (the time she usually gets out of school) - 7:55AM Monday (when we would usually return her to school).
Its Thursday, and still no word.
I'm just saying...


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No points for pants

I would like to say firstly, that my experiences with The PEW, in comparison to what Emma has to deal with, are but mere annoyances that can usually be brushed off. I say usually because it does get harder and harder to bite my tongue, as the list of “annoyances” grows longer and longer.
Like today for example.
Upon picking up my step daughter from school Friday, hubby and I notice her school pants have a hole in the knee. (Later, I find another pair in her backpack, also with a small hole) No problem right? We give PEW $350.00 each month to provide these things for my step daughter.
Given the past record of her having school shoes with a big hole in the toe for a month, until I bought her new ones, I decide I will just go get a couple new pairs of pants. It's always good to have school pants right?
Over the weekend, We get 3 new pair of pants, 3 belts, and a pack of little patches to repair the old pants, in case she wants to wear them at home or whatever. All is well.
Then I get an Email. Shes sending back the pants we bought step daughter. I tell her we don't need them here. She says she has four pair of pants for her.
OK, I didn't say anything, but, I know one of the pair of pants are a size four and they show her ankles. I hate that pair of pants. Which leaves 3 acceptable pairs, 2 of which I know have holes (patches now) and cant be worn to school. That leaves 1 pair.
I casually say that I didn't think she could wear the patchy ones, because the school dress code says plain khaki pants only, no embellishments or rhinestones or such things allowed.
She replies with: I didn't realize they had holes I guess. Hmmmm....
Although this was a annoying, I didn't really care.
Then this morning came.
I have had some sleeping troubles lately, but I was in the most deliciously deep sleep ever. I hear my door bell ringing. UGH its some type of solicitor I bet. The bell keeps ringing. Then knocking can be heard. And more bell ringing. Then I hear my father in laws voice calling my name. I jump out of bed, thinking there is a terrible emergency.
Turns out, Step daughter spent the night at his house last night, and he needs to drop her off at school. PEW's directions to him were only that the school is on a street that runs parallel to Transformer (a main street here). He didn't even know the name of the school. I go get some pants and notice, hey, shes already late.
I get in the car with them to show him how to get there, Step daughter is in the back wearing the old pants.
Maybe it was because I had just been woken up abruptly, but it really annoyed me. Not to mention I had to sit in the car for 20 minutes listening to father in law say “I cant believe she drives all this way, every morning.”
“Why doesn't she go to school by her house?”
“Shes got to be spending at least 120 dollars extra a month just in gas”
“Traffic was so bad, Step daughter must have to get up VERY early for school”
“I can't believe how far it is”
and so on, and so on.

Is any of this really a big deal? Nope. Like I said, its just annoying. Annoying that I can't buy things for my step daughter for her to use at PEW's house. Instead of accepting something that step daughter needs for school, PEW refuses it, simply because I bought it.



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I can categorically say that you are NOT a bigger banana head....

Let me start off by saying, I  do not think every ex-wife is a psycho. I think at one time it was only a small handful. Today, sadly its an ever growing epidemic in the divorce community.

The journey with my husband and his PEW started in 2002. For about 6 months she didn't know anything about me, that I even exisisted. I sat back and heard stories for example: how she invited him to her place for their sons first birthday only for him to arrive there and find 3 days worth of dirty diapers piled up on the floor, the apartment smelling like cat feces and no way of telling when the last time she actually cleaned anything. Or how his son was always sick and looked dirty.

I didn't meet my husbands son until 7 months after we met. At first he was cautious to tell Lisa Ann about me, worried about how she would react. We had no idea how bad it was going to get...

This all started the last 8 years of constant harassment, fighting, stalking, lying, emotional abuse etc. Sadly, we have at least another 9 more years of this. Unless a Karma train goes by and they let me blow the whistle....

We'll talk more on this tomorrow.

Goodnight Tuesday.


Monday, January 24, 2011


Good Monday to all!

To start this blog we are going to explore the definition of a PEW. (Psycho Ex Wife).

Here are two definitions:

1. Psycho Ex Wife - Urban Dictionary

An unstable woman with a terrible personality disorder who divorces you despite your efforts over more than a decade of marriage to "save things" for her and your children. She then fights to keep the children away from you for no good reason and she abuses the legal system in order to do so because they favor psycho ex-wives, even to the detriment of the children and then relentless torments you even though she got most everything she set out to do... except KILL YOU... yet.
My ex-wife is a psycho. She is so unbelievable a psycho ex-wife that I post blog items of her emails, instant messages, and transcripts of voice mails because no one would believe them with just a simple face-to-face story. This bitch is a PSYCHO EX-WIFE!
Also known as exwife, psyche-ho and crazy ex wife
2. Psycho Borderline Ex Wife - Urban Dictonary
A woman who is always the victim. A woman who cheats on her husband because he does not provide her with enough emotional support. A woman who uses her children as pawns in support/custody proceedings to benefit herself in obtaining more child support money which she doesn't spend on her kids. A woman who goes through boyfriends every 2-3 months and introduces these boyfriends to her children only to have them ripped away once they find out the true colors of the psycho borderline ex wife. The psycho borderline ex wife is greedy, constantly victimized, selfish and usually a gold digger.
Why does the Psycho borderline ex wife always go through a different boyfriend every month???
Also known as greedy, selfish, golddigger, hypocrite, boderline personality
Now, Michelle and I both suffer from a PEW that falls into both categories. Her PEW's name is Jessica, mine is Lisa Ann. We may not have been the ones married to them but we are the victims of Second Wifey Syndrome. It's not easy being the Second Wifey when the PEW does everything in her power to make you out to be the bad guy and the whole reason for why they are "psycho" in the first place.
So we would like to welcome you to our journey through life dealing with a PEW. Hopefully at the end of all this a lesson will be learned. Enjoy....